CineBeat Music is an (6 years old) audio

Post-Production company that specializes in providing music and audio related content for TV and Radio Commercials, Feature Films, television and web

series, Video games, Trailers, Documentaries, Multi-Media Applications and all other forms of Visual Media.

Our main focus is on Music production and Sound Design for visual media, however, we are open to all types of creative projects of various length and scope. Please listen to the samples provided on the portfolio page of this site, check out our royalty free music and sfx library and feel free to contact us if you feel that CineBeat Music could be the right fit for you.

This artist owned and operated team is backed by two Baltimore-Washington D.C. area studios boasting 4+ recording and mixing suites. Our team has extensive experience in composing, sequencing, and recording, with a background in a wide variety of musical genres, styles and audio applications. We are a fully equipped workspace utilizing the latest digital audio and music production technology.